_mo-cover I live and breathe data visualization
as an independent designer, consultant and researcher.

I help organizations, researchers and businesses to find truth and beauty in relevant and meaningful data. I have consulting relationships with clients like OECD, Google News Lab, Salesforce, Deutsche Bahn and the Max Planck Research Society.

I am grateful to have an expert network of collaborators to support me in my projects. I have worked with world class individuals like Dominikus Baur, Jan Willem Tulp and Christian Laesser as well as top agencies like Raureif and Studio NAND.

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Short CV

Moritz Stefaner works as a “Truth and Beauty Operator” on the crossroads of data visualization, information aesthetics and user interface design. With a background in Cognitive Science (B.Sc. with distinction, University of Osnabrueck) and Interface Design (M.A., University of Applied Sciences Potsdam), his work beautifully balances analytical and aesthetic aspects in mapping abstract and complex phenomena.

In the past, he has helped clients like the OECD, Google News Lab, Salesforce, Deutsche Bahn and the Max Planck Research Society to find insights and beauty in large data sets. He was nominated for the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany and is the record winner of the Kantar Information is Beautiful awards. His work has been exhibited at Venice Biennale of Architecture, SIGGRAPH, Fondation EDF, Ars Electronica and the Max Planck Science Gallery. He has co-authored books for publishers like O’Reilly and Springer and has spoken and lectured on numerous occasions on the topic of information visualization.

Find his personal portfolio at Truth & Beauty (http://truth-and-beauty.net).
He also publishes the Data Stories podcast (http://datastori.es) together with Enrico Bertini.


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Academic publications

Find a list of my publications at Google scholar.
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The previous version of this site is available at http://archive.stefaner.eu.

Short CV (German)

Moritz Stefaner forscht und arbeitet als selbstständiger "truth and beauty operator" im Spannungsfeld zwischen Interface Design, Datenvisualisierung und Informationsästhetik. Mit Hintergrund in Cognitive Science (B.Sc., Universität Osnabrück) und Interface Design (M.A., FH Potsdam) balancieren seine Arbeiten elegant funktionelle und ästhetische Aspekte der Informationsvisualisierung aus.

In der Vergangenheit half er Kunden wie OECD, World Economic Forum, Skype, dpa, FIFA, und Max Planck Gesellschaft, Einsichten und Schönheit in grossen Datenmengen zu entdecken. Er ist mehrfacher Gewinner der "Information is Beautiful" Awards und war 2010 für den Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland nominiert. Seine Arbeiten wurden u.a. auf der Venice Biennale of Architecture, SIGGRAPH, Ars Electronica und der Max Planck Science Gallery ausgestellt. Er ist Co-Autor von Büchern für O’Reilly und Springer and hat vielfach Vorträge und Kurse zum Thema Informationsvisualisierung gegeben.

Sein Portfolio findet sich auf http://truth-and-beauty.net.
Zusammen mit Enrico Bertini veröffentlicht er den Podcast Data Stories.